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In a constantly developing and evolving world, equality and the fight against prejudice are becoming more prevalent and essential. However, not everyone is being provided with the right guidance and insight to understand the reality of diverse people, when, in fact, they are just like everyone else.


At Learnum, we aim to introduce the idea of helping people “learn” about disabilities, blindness in particular. Understanding how it feels not to be able to see might be the way to develop a more understanding relationship with this special need. It would help blind people feel more integrated into society. 


Learnun is a game targeted to kids 5 to 10 years of age. As young children are getting more of a grasp of the world at this stage of their development, starting to incorporate how society works and accepting differences. We feel that children being able to experience disabilities themselves could be the optimal way to achieve a community with more equality, empathy, and understanding of diversity.

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