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Emotions are a defining aspect of the human condition. They penetrate our social and professional lives, influence our thinking and behavior, and powerfully shape our relationships and social interactions. As a person and as a designer, I value emotions and the human connection with everything surrounding them. My goal is for humans to be as involved and as emotionally connected as possible with my designs. I want to explore anthropology, different emotions and reactions, and while working on various projects, to understand how each can be represented through materials, colors, patterns, etc., and what they can bring to humans. Digital design can also be involved in this. I am really interested in it. It has been developing so much and becoming a big part of our lives. There are apps, websites, and all kinds of media for everything and anything nowadays. I believe that human behavior, reactions, and emotions need to be taken into account, and I would love to work more on developing that part of digital designs. I am always getting involved in different projects' psychological aspects, and I always try to take all points of view into account.


Studying abroad and away from home, made me more independent and mature and helped me develop my personality and learn more about myself. Through that, I also became a more independent student and designer since I had to make choices independently and start thinking as an adult trying to build their future. I have always been an independent person because I was a part of the scouts, and we would always plan trips away from home. That helped me develop my independence at an early stage. However, TU/e helped me grow in a more mature and design-related way.

The aesthetics and the creativity of design have always been a big part of who I am, so I chose to focus on the Expertise Area that includes those. I have always been passionate about art, its different elements, and how you can express through it, and through industrial design, I learned how to connect it with the design world. I started to appreciate all forms of art and started looking for aesthetically pleasing objects around me to get inspiration. I came in contact with different methods and found specific ones that interest me the most. Digital design and graphic design are one of them. It is also one of my strengths since I have been developing a lot in this area while working with the Adobe software on different projects, creating logos and posters.

I have also been trying to develop my illustration drawings in my free time Procreate. I am a person that will always look into aesthetics, and it goes deeper than that since I believe that emotional connection is essential. I continuously like to connect the aesthetics with personal aspects of the users or myself. I have grown as an engineer, too, since I experienced different courses that included various aspects of it, like coding and circuit systems. Through those courses, I felt more enveloped in the design and engineer world since I could work on a product's image and help with its functionalities. However, I feel like engineering is still a weakness for me since, after all the classes, I still have a lot more to learn and practice.

Additionally, I am also a really passionate person. When it comes to working with a group, I work hard and try to provide the best possible results while creating a pleasant atmosphere with the people I work with. I have developed a lot as a person and a team member. While collaborating with different groups and meeting new people and their ways of working and thinking, I learned different approaches, and I became more patient and understanding. I can work as a leader and as a listener at the same time. I can easily plan and structure a group meeting or express my opinion and lead when it comes to an idea, but I can also listen to others, understand and follow when I believe there is potential. Communication is the key, whether you are trying to be a leader or a listener. During the projects, I have worked on until now and courses that included people from different faculties, I learned to work with people who operated differently, studied other majors, and probably had little to no idea how industrial designers work. They provided me with diverse experiences, and they made me a better group member and a person.

Lastly, I can quickly motivate my team to create a positive atmosphere and help reach outstanding results. I am more confident after working and experiencing different group challenges before, and I feel like my positivity can significantly impact my group's work.
Lastly, research is another thing that I am passionate about. I always try to find everything possible through different reliable sources and connect them while working on many projects. I perceive research as one of the most critical parts of being a designer that affects society and the world. Knowing what is happening around you and knowing what to search for what to look for is something that not many people can do.

Hey! My name is Lida Aristodimou. I am an industrial design student from Nicosia, Cyprus studying in TU/e. 

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