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This project idea came from the chameleon's ability to change colors based on the color of the object or surface it is touching. We also (me and my partner) love artistic photography and abstract shapes. So, we wanted to create a product that would have the functions of a chameleon and work as photography equipment to make colorful abstract shapes and lines with lighting. Lastly, since global warming is a massive phenomenon that the earth has been facing for the last two centuries, and there is a lot we can do to minimize that, we wanted to make our product eco-friendly.


There are other ways to create colorful pictures like with "glow in the dark" sticks. However, they contain a lot of toxic material that ruins the atmosphere. By combining the chameleon abilities and technology, we made this eco-friendly "glow in the dark" wand, as you can see in the video below.


After this course, I am more enveloped in the design and engineer world. The knowledge that I have gained will help me in the future since technology is an essential part of our society these days. I will also be able to go more deeply into electronics and learn more about connecting them with sounds since this is something that I wanted to combine my designs with. 


GRADE 8/10


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