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Exploratory sketching has been a fantastic experience. It was one of the most time-consuming courses I had so far, but, at the same time, the most rewarding. Even before coming to this University, I made it my goal to be able to express everything with sketches and drawings, I wanted to develop my sketching skills so I can be one step forward as a good designer. Sketching has been a big part of my life since I was a child, so having the opportunity to develop my sketching in on a whole new level was essential to me. 

This course helped me grow an enormous amount of confidence and independence, and I have learned a lot of sketching techniques. I could feel my knowledge grow with every lesson, from just the first weeks. I learned how to sketch using perspective and vanishing points. With every drawing, I felt it became more comfortable and more natural to "feel" what the correct cylinder would be, and what the right proportions were. I learned the value of deconstructing objects, be it printers, sneakers, or hands, back into basic shapes. The most challenging assignment was the sneaker of Complex Products. After a lot of trying and deconstructing, I finally succeeded, and I am very proud of these sneakers I drew. 

All in all, I am thrilled that I have followed this course. This confidence, together with the sketching knowledge, will prove very useful to me as a designer and as a person in general. I want to keep getting better at sketching and use them as presentation material in my reports or on a demo day.

GRADE 9/10

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